Do you return the money?

Yes, if you are out of Spain, you have 30 days since you receive the order.

How to make a return?

Returns at Cho Atelier are very simple, you have all the info on the following page.

How long does it take to return the money?

Usually it doesn't take more than 10-12 days since the package arrives at our atelier. You will receive a confirmation email with the refund.

I have received a refund email but I don't see it reflected in my account

Once you receive an email from us confirming the refund, it has already been made on your card, sometimes the refund may take several days to be reflected.

How to know if the piece is elastic?

We have designs with non-elastic fabrics and others with elastic fabrics, elastic fabrics are always silk knit designs and it's specified in each product.

I have doubts about the size

You can chek it in "Size guide" in each product.