Terms of use

The present general conditions can be applied to all the commercial transactions carried out in our virtual shop www.choatelier.com. For more details about Cho Atelier and our privacy policy,  you can check our legal notice section.

1. Identification

Cho Atelier is the commercial brand belonging to Cho Atelier SL with CIF B90378811 and head office in  Manuel Causses Sales 14, 41960 Gines (Sevilla). Any communications can be addressed to this head office, by phone on 0034 854 527 676 or on the e-mail address info@choatelier.com

2. Activity

Cho Atelier deals with the design, marketing and sale of handmade garments.

3. Contents and information supplied on the website

Cho Atelier reserves the right to modify the commercial offer on the website (modifications on products, promotions and  other commercial and services conditions) at any moment.

Cho Atelier makes all the effort at its hand to offer the information in the most accurate way and with no typographical errors. In case there were such errors beyond the control of Cho Atelier, we will proceed to its immediate correction. In case there were errors in the prices and the customer had decided to buy a product based on that error, Cho Atelier would inform him about such an error and he would have the right to cancel such purchase at no cost on his behalf.

The contents on the Cho Atelier web site could offer, in some occasions, provisional information about some products. In case this information didn’t correspond to the product characteristics, the costumer could cancel the purchase at no cost on his behalf.

4. Applicable taxes

The prices of the products on the Cho Atelier website include the value added tax (VAT) applicable in this case.

5. Payment methods

  • Credit card

  • Financing at 3, 6 or 12 months.

  • Receive first, pay later.

6. Shipping method, shipping fees and delivery time

The customer can choose the shipping method he prefers among the ones available for his area. He may take into account that the delivery time, the service quality, the delivery point and the cost will vary in each shipping method.

Cho Atelier sends the orders through different courier co. The shipping day depends on the availability of the article and the shipping area. The guiding delivery time and the areas can be checked on our website, in the shipping and delivery  section. Before confirming his order, the customer will be informed about the delivery time applied to such an order. Nevertheless, both of them could vary depending on the specific circumstances of the order. For example:

  • The delivery time can be altered due to an extraordinary incident on the part of the shipper and also to difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise.

  • The delivery costs  you can find on the website rely on the shipping address and considering a maximum weight of the merchandise of 1 kg. Cho Atelier reserves the right to alter the shipping costs if the weight of the merchandise were more than 1 kg higher than the maximum weight accepted. In case the cost varied, Cho Atelier will inform the customer by email and he could decide whether to cancel the order at no cost.

7. Returns/cancellations policy

The costumer can exercise his right of cancellation (return) within a period of 14 calendar days from the date the purchase order was received.

In a maximum period of 14 calendar days you can return your order in the same packaging you received it through the post service you choose to the following address:

Cho Atelier

Ronda Sanlúcar la Mayor 1 Módulo 21

Bollullos de la Mitación (Sevilla)

Código postal 41110


  • The merchandise must be intact, it cannot be neither used nor damaged.

  • The garments must bear the external label and this should be fastened to the garment (if it were so previously).

  • In case it were a full return (all the items in the order), you should keep the packaging (bags or boxes).

  • All the items of the order should be returned in one single shipping. Returns on different shippings will not be accepted.

Cho Atelier will check the garment(s)  and in a maximum period of 24/48 h from the date it/they were received we will send you an answer or will refund you the cost of the order in the same payment form  you used.

In case of reimbursement request, two situations may occur:

a) That the items did not comply with the conditions above mentioned and the return were rejected by Cho Atelier. In this case, we will contact the customer and will offer him the possibility of resending him  the garment(s) not accepted by Cho Atelier (payment on delivery). Any expenses resulting of this return are to be borne by the customer, including the shipping of the order (from Cho Atelier to the customer and backwards), taxes or customs duties in case there were so. if the customer didn’t accept the option of keeping the garment(s) refunded and rejected by Cho Atelier, this last one could keep both, the items and their amount.

b) That the items complied with the conditions  mentioned above and thus, the refund were accepted by Cho Atelier. In this case, the customer will receive an e-mail informing him about the acceptance of the refund and the order amount will be fully refunded to the customer in a maximum period of 14 working days (usually within 24/48 hours).

8. Customer support

You can contact Cho Atelier in case you have any query or wish to inform about any incidences, on the following telephone number (from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm): 854 52 76 76  and/or on the email address info@choatelier.com

9. Customer obligations

The Cho Atelier customer undertakes, at any moment, to provide an accurate information on the registration or the order forms and to keep them always updated.

The customer undertakes to accept all the dispositions and conditions in these purchase conditions, understanding that they reflect the wish of offering the best service in accordance to the type of activity developed by Cho Atelier.

Likewise, he undertakes to make possible the delivery of the order providing  an address in which to do so during the usual delivery times (from Monday to Friday from 10am till 2pm and from 4pm till 6pm). In case the customer didn’t comply with this obligation, Cho Atelier will not be responsible at all of the delay in the delivery or the impossibility to deliver the order to the client.

10. Applicable Law and competent jurisdiction

Any purchases in Cho Atelier submits to the Spanish laws.