Tips to take care of your clothes

To achieve the softness and quality of our designs, the fabrics we use have different treatments that make them delicate.

We recommend following the instructions to obtain the best result:


Avoid using it with materials that can rub: bag chains, sequins accessories, raffia or appliqués, seats made of materials that can damage the garment, strappy sandals, long earrings, bracelets with dangling beads...


We recommend washing it by hand, always in cold water. Choose a mild soap and don't let it soak in too long. Subsequently, rinse without wringing the garment too much.

In case you prefer to wash it by machine, we recommend washing the garment alone, inside out and with cold water, with a special program for delicate garments (minimum spin). Avoid using bleach or dryer.

You also have the option of taking your garment to a dry cleaner's. Dry cleaning must be: Perchlorethylene (P) type.


Let the garment dry hanging on a hanger, without being exposed to direct sunlight.

You probably don't need an iron, but if the fabric requires it (such as our organic-based fabrics), we recommend doing it at a gentle temperature, and not ironing directly on top (use a fine cloth on the garment or a vertical steam iron).


Your garment is now ready to be stored hanging on a hanger and if you have the possibility, put it in a fabric garment bag.